Monday, October 27, 2014

Halfway There with Baby G #3

We are 22 weeks into this pregnancy! I can hardly believe how fast my third pregnancy is going! I started showing at week 18, which was two weeks later than when I showed with Sophia.

I've been having crazy, random cravings that come and go very quickly. Chili's Salsa, frozen pizza, cookies, hard candy, diet coke (!) I've been feeling pretty good until this week (22 weeks.) I'm exhausted like I am in my third trimester and just want to sleep. My heartburn started up in the last week also.

On October 1st, Ian and I went to my 18 week appointment (should have been my 20 weeks appointment but I missed my 16 weeks and so the schedule was all off.) We waited for almost two hours as the doctor had been called into an emergency c-section. Eventually we were called back and the doctor talked to us for 2-3 minutes before having me hop onto the table for a quick ultrasound.

Before he started Ian and I made our official guesses: we both said Girl!

The doctor asked us what we had at home, and after we said two girls, he said, "Well, now you get what you have always wanted!"

We tried not to be too offended by that statement and instead rejoiced over this little blessing!

Ian and I went out to breakfast together after that and were in a bit of shock. I think we were both stuck on the fact that we have a ridiculous amount of girls' clothes and now they are not useful! Ian went to work and I ducked into a baby shop to get our little boy his first purchase:

We told the girls and they were rather clueless either way. Grace cried and said she wanted another sister, but then she was over it. We got it on video so we can show her how she reacted one day!

Our parents and siblings are all excited as well, as this will be the first grandson on both sides of the family.

Four more weeks of the pregnancy passed with us not making much head way on baby boy's name. We had a few names that we both liked but then we each had 1-2 names that we really liked but the other one didn't. I always sigh with exasperation when I say this, but I totally mean it: I never knew that the husband would have an opinion on the naming of the baby. I always just assumed he would automatically agree with me and my list I made back in 6th grade!

Finally, under threat of tears (by me,) we decided. Baby boy's name would be :

Lucas James Galloway
and he will go by

Lucas/Luke is just a name we love and James is my dad's first name. My sister and I are the end of the line for my dad's side of the family. We'd love to use my maiden name but it just didn't feel right as a middle name for this little boy. 

We are so excited to meet this little boy, come March 1st! It will be a new, exciting challenge to parent a little boy that will one day grow up to be a man that will hopefully follow after the Lord. 


Lyndsey said...

Congrats on Baby BOY! Galloway - I love the names Lucas and Luke! What a weird thing for the doctor to say, but I'm glad y'all are happy about the surprise :)

Having had both now, I can say that as babies - they're basically the same, haha. (Except boy's diapers are much easier to clean so that's a plus for you!) Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and shopping for your BOY!

Lauren said...

CONGRATS on a baby boy! I know I'll get plenty of the..."when are you going to try for a boy?" talk as soon as Nora arrives! But we may be good with two girls!

You look wonderful and I love his name!

Callie said...

So exciting to add a little boy to your family! Congratulations! And you look great. :-)

MLD said...

He has a third cousin here, Lucas Ethan James, son of your second cousin Andrew, they are my son and grandson. And Lucas has a younger first cousin on his Mum's side who is also Ethan James. Lucas doesn't like his nickname, wants to be called Lucas.

Emily said...

Oh my goodness, congratulations! I really thought it was a girl too!!!! You will love having a boy-I know I do!!!

Amber said...

Congratulations on a baby boy!! Kinda crazy how similar our lives our (in relation to our families anyway)!

Unknown said...

Oh Brittany! I have only just caught up with blogging again and I am STOKED you are pregnant. AND with a little boy!!! So happy for you all!!!

The Barker's said...

congrats on baby #3 being a boy!!! yay! He's going to have 2 adorable sisters to dress him up ha!