Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Year With No Birthday Parties

I've been stuck, once again, for words. Two months have passed since my baby turned two (TWO!) and Ian celebrated the big 28 (we are so close to 30!!) I feel like to properly document our family's life I need to record what we did for birthdays this year, but 2014 will officially go in the books as "The Year with No Birthday Parties."

To be fair, in February, we were still living in a hotel when I turned 27.

In April, we had moved into our house less than 3 weeks earlier and were getting our feet under us, socially, when Grace turned 3. And let the record show that I did host a play date and had cupcakes with a few of Grace's little friends but it still wasn't really a party.

I had every intention of throwing Sophia a birthday party to celebrate her turning 2 on September 29th, but then our dearest friends were out of town for almost two weeks and it was a national holiday so all of our other friends were busy doing holiday things. Ian's birthday fell in there too, on October 1st. It was just a mess.

So I am pictureless, for the most part, of our birthday celebrations but loving the little family memories we made this fall to celebrate Sophia and Ian.

  • Ian won a two night's stay at a five star resort and our friends watched the girls for us so we had a little weekend away right before their birthdays.

  • We did family celebrations at home with cake or pie and ate out for Ian's birthday.

  • I ordered in a huge Mexican feast and had our friends over several weeks later to celebrate 4 people in our two families birthdays. 

We really did celebrate alot, just not in the traditional birthday party sense. Oh well. Here's to hoping next year goes better. Though I seriously doubt it, as Luke is due just two weeks after my birthday and one month before Grace's, ha! Maybe if I plan and get organized now I can still throw Gracie one at one month postpartum. Crazier things have happened!

And now, hopefully, I can move past this brain block and get back to regularly posting.... we'll see!

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Alison H said...

You can do it! I planned and threw Lucy's only ever real birthday party with friends just 13 days after Will was born! If I can do it, we KNOW you can! :)