Saturday, January 24, 2015

Life Lately

It's a Saturday night here. The girls have been in bed since before 7, thanks to a long day at the waterpark. Ian and I skipped the laborious process of cooking dinner and washing dishes to instead have a snacking dinner while watching Parks and Rec. My favorite meal of late has been oatmeal, apples, cinnamon, and frozen (thawed,) blueberries. I can eat it several times a day if necessary.
Life lately has been...busy, full, and tiring.

Busy because our normal routine has extra doctor appointments thrown into the loop as the pregnancy progresses and Ian's work load means that any "honey do's" are slipped in on weekends or evening after the girls are down. His to-do list lately has looked like this:

  • Get rid of the pigeons that are plagueing my life (I HATE pigeons. Birds in general, but pigeons especially.)
  • Fix everything that is falling apart.
  • Pressure wash the outside before the heat sets in (it's coming, it's coming!)
  • Build a fence so that our back garden is enclosed and so that we don't have another stranger walking into my house and standing in the kitchen with me while I'm cooking dinner. Good times.
The girls get to go to preschool three half days a week and I find myself cramming in as much as possible during those three precious hours. Can I go to the grocery store, meet with my accountability partner, and study Arabic all while fighting my way through crazy Abu Dhabi traffic? Or should I drop the girls off and sit in the car in the parking lot for the next three hours trying to get some decent studying in? Or should I commute home and get in an undisturbed 2 hours of cleaning before commuting back to their school? Decisions, decisions!

Full because we are over committed to many different things. I study Arabic, partially homeschool the girls (though I hate that term for preschool,) lead a women's Bible study, host a small group/house church, teach Sunday School for 4-5 year olds,  and maintain some sanity to our household on my own (a rare thing over here, where most people have hired help with cleaning or childcare.) All on top of other expectations and responsibilities. It's very full but also very fulfilling. We are constantly having to sort out the good things from the best things.

Tiring because I am in the homestretch of this pregnancy! I struggle with insomnia with my pregnancies and I am ready for this phase to be over. Though I am totally aware that I will just be rolling right into the newborn, no sleep phase, from my pregnancy, insomnia no sleep phase. Ironic as my relief and hope might be, I cling to that change that might mean I will at least get to cuddle a precious baby during those long night hours instead of sit silently in bed and hope that sleep will come.

Despite it all, this is looking to be a really great year for us. It will be the first year in almost FOUR years where we haven't had a major move or transition, except for the arrival of Luke next month. We don't have much planned into the year and plan on being here, mentally and physically, as much as possible, instead of always looking forward to a big, upcoming event.

That's life lately for us. It might not paint a very detailed picture but it's at least an overview of life. Busy, full, tiring, and HOPEFUL!

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Alison H said...

Ah, the inexplicable joy of NOT having to move this year! :) YAY!!! Right there with you!