Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day in the Life Of

I'm 38.5 weeks pregnant and have a 2 year old and a 3.5 year old daughter, so things are bound to change day by day. This is what a typical stay at home day looks like for us though, or as typical as it can get!

6:30 I wake up on my own and try not to move do that the rest of the house doesn't wake up. I play Candy Crush on my phone and try not to flip around. 

6:50 the girls, who are sharing a room now, erupt in a bout of yelling "no" and "yes" at each other. I remind them that this is not how we wake up and that I will come get them up when they are quiet. 

7:00 I take the girls downstairs and Ian gets up and gets showered. The girls watch an episode of The Hive and drink milk. 

7:30 I get the girls cereal after they pick out their bowls and I get them set up at their kid table with another episode of The Hive. Then I get in the shower while Ian eats breakfast and irons his clothes. 

7:50 I'm out of the shower, much to my chagrin and Ian and Sophia come upstairs. I put Sophia on the potty (again) and change her out of her pull up into panties. I put my pjs back on and pull my hair up into a bun. It's going to be one of those days. 

(As a side note, Thursday's are the only day of the week where we stay home. Three days a week we are out the door by 7:50 for the girls' school and I run errands or sit in a coffee shop and study and on Tuesdays I help lead a ladies' Bible Study so we are on the road by 9.)

8:00 Ian's done getting dressed and we chat for a minute about what his day is going to look like. Sophia has to go potty again. Ian kisses us all goodbye and hits the road. He has a meeting at another city, 2 hours away.

I build blocks with the girls until Sophia melts down over wanting all the blocks for herself. 

I read to Sophia while Grace builds and then re direct the girls to play with something else. 

8:30 I slip out of their room and come downstairs to eat breakfast. 15 minutes of semi peace ensues. Grace bosses Sophia around and I remind her from downstairs that she is not showing a "happy heart," towards her sister. 

8:45 Peace time is over, and just as my coffee was cool enough to drink. Grace gets a time out on the stairs while I talk to her about self control and how her reactions to Sophia's actions are just as important. I try to claim five more minutes of coffee time before returning upstairs. 

9:00 I dash downstairs to start a load of hand towels and bathroom rugs. I start a stock pot of water to boil, wash dishes, and fight against the never ending onslaught of ants on our counters. I find their entry spot and treat it with ant killer. I add five pounds of chicken to the stock pot and peruse my pantry for all of the ingredients to make five batches of freezer enchiladas. I'd usually make the chicken in the crock pot but mine isn't big enough for this much chicken and with our utilities being raised 30 percent this year, the gas stove top is much quicker and cost effective even if it won't turn out as tasty. 

9:15 The girls are still playing well (a totally new skill for them!) so I come upstairs to set up the pack n play in our room, clean the mattress pad for it, move the changing table into our room, and move a bookcase into the nursery/guest room so my mom will have a place to put her things when she comes next week. 

In hindsight, moving all of that furniture on my own was not a good idea!

9:45 I give everything a final dusting and run back downstairs to turn off the stove. I put away the contents of Luke's closet and spend three minutes locked in the bathroom trying to come up with a plan to entertain the girls while I do some freezer cooking. 

10:00 I finally allow the girls to come downstairs, get them a snack of rice crackers, almonds, and raisins, (much healthier than normal, trust me, but I am cleaning out our pantry!) I fill my water bottle, realize that the washing machine door hadn't sealed so water was all over the floor, move the towels to the dryer, then collapse on the couch to enjoy 22 minutes of octonauts with the girls. How is it only 10 am? Still 8 more hours until Ian gets home. 

10:25 Octonauts is over but there is no way I am getting off the couch. Fatigue washes over me and I flip the Apple TV over to iTunes Radio. Dora and her music entertains the girls as they play chase and puppy dog in the family room. I pin various things to boards on Pinterest on my phone. 

11:00 I notice the time. I find some energy to get up. Mainly a piece of bread with Nutella is calling my name from the kitchen. I make a piece for all three of us then get the girls set up with Legos. I start rough chopping the chicken for the enchiladas. 

11:20 I take a pause to grab another piece of Nutella bread and pray that the girls don't see me. I take Sophia to the bathroom. I get back to cooking and the girls play on. 

11:30 I move my computer into the kitchen so I can watch an episode of The Bachelor. It's not great television but it amuses me. I like the Bachelorette better. I'm on to garlic mincing and opening cans of chilli peppers. 

12:00 I pause to get the girls lunch around: diced chicken, a tortilla with Peanut butter, orange, and apple slices. I turn on Daniel Tigers neighborhood then watch some more of the show while I scarf down my chicken and cheese quesadilla. 

12:30 I'm so close to being finished with the enchiladas! I start another episode to buy me time and try to power through. 

1:00 The girls join me in the kitchen as I assemble six pans of chicken enchiladas. Five will go into the freezer and one will be dinner tonight. Grace hands me each tortilla as I fill and roll it and Sophia stands on the stool peering into the pots on the stove. As I am finishing up I send them to the family room to clean up Legos. Several fights ensue. I get Sophia to stop bothering Grace and when they are done cleaning up I send them upstairs to pick out three books each. 

1:35 I join them on my bed and we read six books through all of yawning. Potty breaks, pick out books for their beds, then off to nap by 2. 

2:00 I collapse into bed and type up the day up to this point. I fall asleep around 2:30 

3:25 I wake up disappointed that I didn't sleep for very long. The cold I woke up with in the morning had settled into my face over the last hour or two. I did not feel good but just willed myself to lie still until the girls' wake up time. 

4:00 I go to wake up Grace but she won't stir. Sweet girl also was coming down with a cold. She had her blanket pulled over her face and it had made her really sweaty. 

4:10 I leave her side to get Sophia. She is up as soon as I open the door to her (old) room. Happy and cuddly, as normal. I take her back to their shared room and Grace finally wakes up. I change them out of their pj bottoms into play shorts then we go downstairs to get snack (birthday cake,) and take it outside to eat and play. 

4:20 I settle into a patio chair, enjoy my cake, and check emails on my phone. The girls eat their cake then play with the soil that is in their water table. We eventually water the potted plants in the backyard. It is 99 degrees outside. Phew. Summer is going to be a doozy this year, considering it's only February. My feet start to swell and the girls get listless. 

5:00 we head inside. I refill their water bottles and take them straight upstairs to the bath. While they bathe I work on reorganizing their room. Their bookshelf had gotten all crazy and all of their baby dolls were naked. I took out a box of their "treasures," that are trash. 

5:40 I wash the girls and pull them out of the tub and get them in their pjs. I dash downstairs to turn on the oven and unchain the front door for Ian then return upstairs to help Sophia with a puzzle. Grace helps me find the right clothes for the right baby dolls. 

6:05 I notice the time and tell the girls that Ian will be home any minute. We come downstairs and they pick up the family room while I get played around for dinner. Enchiladas and baby spinach salad. 

6:10 Ian walks in the door, gives us all bugs and kisses, then takes the girls upstairs while he changes out of his work clothes. The girls like helping him take off his dress shoes and tie. They come back downstairs and play Simon says while I finish washing some dishes. 

6:20. We sit down for dinner. Ian tells me about his day but I don't have a lot to say about mine. I'm pretty worn out by this point.

6:45 Ian takes the girls upstairs to go potty, brush teeth, and read stories on our bed. I finish up dinner dishes and clean the counter before joining them upstairs for prayers and songs. 

7:05 the girls are in their beds and Ian and I lay next to Grace and sing her a song (in Arabic,) pray over her, then Ian leaves. I sing two songs with Grace (old Rugged Cross and Jesus Loves Me,) while Sophia joins in from the other side of the room in her crib. It's pretty cute. I ask Grace to tell me three things: what made her happy today (playing in the dirt,) what made her sad (when she hurt her leg on a Lego,) and what did she learn (boys spray their mommies when their diaper is being changed. Ha! She had asked me what a Peepee Teepee was for this morning.)

7:25 I walk out of their room and go downstairs to the couch. There I shall remain until I think it's time for sleep! Ian is wanting to get a new video game for the PS4 and I will probably finish watching The Bachelor on my computer before getting caught up on Castle. He will probably rub my feet before bed (he's a real keeper!) I expect to be asleep before ten, which is my new normal!


Alison H said...

I'm super tired reading this post! And I'm not even preggo! You're amazing. Your girls are blessed to have you. Love you a lot! Can't wait to read a post like this in a year or two when there's a BOY in the mix! :)

Lauren said...

Oh momma...being pregnant with one toddler was exhausting enough, I can't imagine two!

And I can totally related to looking at the clock a thousand times and realizing that I'm on my own for the next 6-8 hours!