Sunday, July 26, 2015

End of School Celebrations

Grace and Sophia finished their year at preschool (called nursery here,) on June 30th, 2015. They had such a great time at school and looked forward to going three half days a week.

Grace was in the oldest class, called the Clever Camels. Her teachers was Ms Victoria, and her helpers were Ms Lucy and Ms Florence. Her class was such a diverse mix of students from so many backgrounds and languages. Pick up time was always interesting because parents would switch from their mother tongue to English as they greeted their children then turned to talk to the teachers! Grace didn't have one "best," friend in the class but did migrate towards 4 or 5 specific kids.

Sophia was in the youngest class but was one of the oldest in the class. Her class was called the Baby Bears. Her teacher was Ms Sarah and her helpers were Ms Joan and Ms Jenny. The first month or two of school was rough on her class, because some of the kids were just barely 18 months old and were there five days a week for 5-6 hours. Many of them came from homes where English was not spoken, then to be put in a classroom where only English was spoken was hard on them. Bless their little hearts! One time, when picking Sophia up, there were 6-7 toddlers standing at the baby gate at the door crying. Her teacher asked me if I had ever seen The Walking Dead, then she pointed at the babies and said that's what they reminded her of when they were just standing at the door moaning with their arms outstretched, ha!

Grace's class had a small graduation ceremony, performance, and party the last week of school. It was so cute to see Grace in a cap and gown but her little hat kept falling over her eyes and so she finally just took it off. She sang and did the motions more than in other performances but still was unsure about the large crowd of people staring and taking constant pictures.

 Sophia's class had a "performance," as well but it was really just a sing a long/ music class that the parents got to sit in on. We arrived late and so weren't really in the circle on the rug but since I had Grace and Luke with me and Ian was at work we needed a little space. Sophia had NO desire to sing or do hand motions so it was just as well.

I had such wonderful memories from my own preschool experience (many moons ago,) and we are so thankful that we were able to provide this for the girls, even on this side of the ocean.

More to come on what's next for our girls.

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