Monday, July 27, 2015

{Grace} 4th Birthday- Cinderella Style

Alright ya'll. I have a confession to make.

Two confessions actually.

One: When Grace was still TWO years old and we were in the US, I picked up some Cinderella party supplies for her third birthday party. That party never really happened. So, despite her not really being a fan of Cinderella at nearly FOUR years old, she had a Cinderella party.

Momma's on a budget!

Two: I'm really bad at throwing parties. Or at least making them look nice! Sure, people have a great time and everyone walks away full and happy, but the pictures of the decor and setup? It's not bad photography, it is just my skills are that bad.

Plus, Momma's on a budget! (in a land devoid of crafts supplies stores and dollar spots.)

Alas, the show must go on.

Grace had her friends from church over, many came dressed in princess/prince attire. They made crafts, played games, and opened presents.
Cupcakes and cake were had, birthday songs were sung, and we as parents remarked at how this was the calmest party ever! The kids are just so used to one another that they just payed perfectly and us grown ups got to sit around and chat!

Grace and one of her BFFs, Maya, born also on the same day as Grace!
Happy Birthday, Gracie Girl! We are so excited to see what FOUR brings your way!


Alison H said...

Precious Girl! I can't believe it's been (over) 4 years since she was born! LOVE YOU, Gracie!

And your party-throwing skillz are not lame! You throw wonderful parties!

Love yall

Unknown said...

I still think it's a cute theme to have for a party!!