Saturday, October 31, 2015

{Happy Halloween, 2015!}

Happy Halloween from the Galloway family!

We spent our day around the house, getting things done, carving our pumpkins, and had a special lunch time where the girls got to watch Room on the Broom on Netflix (thanks, Alison, for reminding me it was there!)

We got a chance to go trick or treating with some friends of ours today, which meant for fast costume preparation and last minute borrowing of items. We hadn't really planned on doing anything because it isn't celebrated much here, but friends of ours, who live in a large expat based compound, invited us to come around their neighborhood.

We went (obviously,) as the characters from Frozen. Grace as Elsa, Sophia as Anna, Luke as Olaf, Ian as Kristoff, and Brittney as Sven.

This is Luke's first halloween!

 We had a great little group of friends to walk around with. I love seeing our girls with their friends! They interact so sweetly. Graham, Grace's little astronaut friend, led her around all nigh with his hand on her back. And L, the little cowgirl, would check to see if everyone got a piece of candy!

There were TONS of kids out and many of the houses quickly ran out of candy. The girls loved it though, at least for the first 20 minutes. Sophia started getting wary of all of the scary costumes and decor (there were a surprising amount of scary and gory costumes on even young kids! I did NOT like that.)


We ended the night with pizza and playtime at our friends' house. Such a fun evening!


Alison H said...

Yay for fun "normal," American traditions, even in the Middle East! Kiddos look super cute! We LOVE Room on the Broom! It's such a sweet, non-annoying, non-scary Halloween show!

Emily said...

I love your family themed costumes, so cute!!! And I agree with you, I don't like bloody, scary costumes on little kids. We were surprised by the number of teenagers out trick-or-treating in our neighborhood...and most of them scary looking too. Lilly didn't like that!

Unknown said...

You are making such great family memories. This looked like so much fun!