Friday, May 13, 2016

Let's Do This Thing

It's naptime in the Galloway household.

Two blissful hours when all three children are tucked into beds and are either slumbering or reading and playing quietly by themselves.

This is usually the time when I collapse on the couch and proclaim myself "word free," for awhile. Ian knew to not even call me from work during this time. I go through phases: sometimes I nap, sometimes I read, sometimes I binge watch Gilmore Girls/Friends. And I almost always think "this is the time I could be blogging," but I never do. That whole "word free," label makes it hard to, you know, write words when you are completely spent from three little *ahem* blessings.

So much has happened in the last three months though, that it comes time to pull up my big girl pants, say goodbye to my no speaking rule, and find the words to describe this.

This place that we are in.
This not knowing. Still.
Not knowing what we are doing.
Or where we are going.
Or what our calling is.

This waiting process.
Irritating, really.

I wouldn't really recommend the whole "quit your job you are passionate about which forces you to move back across the world to a country you have not been a part of for six years to live with your ever gracious parents/inlaws all the while facing unemployment and job hunting" thing. It's really for the birds.

I can't even imagine if our parents were not helpful, hospitable, and kid friendly. It would be a nightmare.

Anyways. So that is where I am coming from. This hard place. I am sure it will all be a thing of the past in the, well, future, and we can throw our heads back, laugh, and say things like "Remember those dark uncertain days of our past?! HA! We are so settled, so certain, and so focused, and are most definitely making responsible life choices!" 

Or, you know, maybe not that exactly.

What I'm trying to say is that I am perfectly aware is that this is just a phase. A season, if you may. We're doing our best to survive this season with as much grace and as many kind words, while making some fun memories with our kids.

So when I write, it's not to share how hard things are or how we have or have not made any progress, (though I am sure I will share when we do!) but to keep track of all of these wonderful moments we are having with our sweet little family of five! 


Alison H said...

You're amazing. I love you. I'm praying for ya'll. Just got my 3 little *ahem* blessings to bed...

Emily Powell said...

Spots like this are tough. Two and a half years of trying to get pregnant overlapping with moving and one and a half years of house hunting is NOT fun! The times when you're like, "God, what is going on here?" We've hit another small patch (house stuff) and while I'm upset about it I have a lot more peace about it now than my past self would have had. Maybe if I was already a naturally patient person God wouldn't have to refine me so much. It's hard though when I constantly compare myself to others. I'm praying y'all find your "place".