Thursday, April 12, 2018

Three Things Lately

I've done this series off and on for awhile (mostly off because of my blogging sabbatical,) but it is a great way to sit and think about what makes this time unique for each person in our family.

1. Grace has friends, alot of them. We still feel she hasn't made a "heart," friend though and that kind of breaks my heart. Having that friend that you (mostly) get along with and that you just can't wait to spend time with is so important in childhood. We had a playdate this past week with one of Sophia's friends who has a sister Grace's age, and they had a sweet time of playing. We are really praying for a friend for Grace who shares her faith!

2. Grace is currently entranced with the Roald Dahl books. I am just so happy that she is reading! She went through a stint were she wasn’t wanting to read chapter books because all of her friends at school were still on picture books. We were really navigating the path of saying “read anything!” with helping her realize it was okay to read more than just early readers and that her friends would be catching up with her soon.

3. With every chore the girls learn how to do I feel like a tiny weight off of my shoulders is released, ha! Grace recently learned she could pull a chair to the fridge, pull all three lunch boxes down, set them up on the counter, and put in the ready to go items (ice pack, cheese stick, yogurt most days,) meaning I just come down and prep any fruit or sandwich and it’s done. True her little portion takes me less than a minute to do but it is nice!

1. Sophia has been learning This Land Is Your Land for her Spring Recital. Which means ALOT of singing it at the top of her lungs at home. Sorry, neighbors!

2. Sophia is almost done with Pre-K! It’s been a crazy year but I am so thankful for her teachers and the kids in her classroom. She has learned so many skills and studied topics that have been interesting to her and I love that for her! She is reading already but goes at her own pace- I don’t think she’s realized she can read just about anything yet- she still brings her books to us to read to her and that’s okay!

3. Sophia is all about shopping with her “own money.” Which is all fine and good except for the fact that she doesn’t have any of her own money. So, we’ve been trying to come up with special not everyday chores she can do to earn quarters. First thing she bought with her own cash? A watch from the dollar section of Target. She is so proud.

1. Luke is three years old now! Birthday post to come. Within days of him turning three we saw a huge change in his personality. He has always been my whiniest kid and cries at everything (not in a sensitive soul sort of way, just like a grumpy old man,) but he started to have a little more self control, grasp consequences for his behavior, and altogether be a sunnier child. Yay!

2. Buddy is still in his crib and we are not ashamed. He loves it, is safe, and keeps him contained! I dread the day that is probably happening in the next few weeks when we make the switch. I will admit, he is getting pretty heavy to put him into it though!

3. Luke loves super hero figurines, match box cars, and Star Wars things, even though he’s never seen it. He does better with dogs than the girls do. He falls every time he runs on a sidewalk. He got offended by the nurse who surprised him with a shot at a check up. He loves kielbasa, yogurt, fruit, English muffins, and still has a crazy sensitive gag reflex, even when eating food he likes. He will grow out of that, right?

1. Ian and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this summer and are taking a trip soon to celebrate! I’m so excited but also nervous to leave the kids- mostly to have other people drive my kids. I figure as long as they are in the house it will all work out okay. But the minute they have to leave I feel uneasy! Is it going overboard to leave a diagram to how the kids should be properly buckled in?

2. I’ve been watching Hawaii 5-0, which Ian says is torture seeing as we are still in winter mode here in Maryland. It’s going to end soon, right? The cold weather, not the show. I really like the show though. I feel like it’s hard to find a crime show that doesn’t have a bunch of torture scenes or really sick and twisted criminals (I shudder to even think about Criminal Minds.) This show has some of that but also a lot of “normal,” mystery and crime solving.

3. While talking with Ian about appropriate books for Grace, he brought up Alas, Babylon, which I realized I have never read. Surprising because a book that involves my home state, Florida, AND survival of a post apocalyptic world sounds like something I would have loved in middle and high school, rivaled only by holocaust surivial stories, oddly enough. And no, Alas, Babylon, is not appropriate for a 7 year old girl, nor is Hatchet, which he also brought up!


Emily Powell said...

Georgia doesn't have a "Best friend" either and it bothers me sometimes but it's really ok I think. Also, she doesn't love reading chapter books herself. She will read them and will listen to them and follow along but she rather read something cover to cover which I get.

Heather said...

I have been praying for a "heart" friend for my oldest over the last few months. I've noticed that friendships are extremely important to her (she's my extrovert).

We are celebrating our 9th anniversary with a trip, and so I get what you mean about them being driven by others. I know they will be safe and sound, I think it's just a mom thing. ;)

Callie said...

We are planning on taking a 10 year anniversary trip too - 10 years is a big deal!