Thursday, June 7, 2018

Luke’s 3rd Birthday

Luke’s 3rd Birthday was back in February! We loved celebrating our little guy and loved even more that within a week of him turning three he became a little easier to reason with. Luke’s always been a more.... ornery child than one would expect, especially giving his cute looks and sunshine and rainbow spouting sisters.

Is it bad that I honestly can’t remember much about his actual birthday? It was on a Sunday so before church we opened up his gifts. And by opened I mean revealed because they didn’t get wrapped this year in tradition with his last year presents and a late delivery. He was pleased but liked his birthday donuts even more.

His party was the day before and we had it at Chick-Fil-A! My thinking was that since the only fee was the cost of the food you bought that I would end up spending less than I normally do on the food for an in home party. There was a fault in my thinking though: I really didn’t think that many of his classmates would come (many of them are younger, just turned two,) but nearly the entire group showed up. So it didn’t end up being cheaper but it was so easy!

They provided a tablecloth and balloons and I brought goodie bags for the table and brought a cake with me (though in retrospect he probably would have been happy with ice cream cups.)

We walked up, put down the party bags and cake, confirmed our order with the party hostess, then took the kids to the play place! As the families arrived we started directing them to the tables and booths that were reserved for us and to the play place. At some point we rounded the kids up to eat, then they briefly played again before cake time. That was it!

We didn’t do any games because the play place ended up being super crowded with just our party kids. A lot of the parents told me that it was their child’s first time attending a party for a peer or their first time playing in a play place (?!)

I loved celebrating our little guy and he felt really special!


Callie said...

We love birthday parties at Chic Fil A! I can’t believe he’s three, look how big he’s getting!

Emily Powell said...

Sweet party :) I like your header!