Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Grace's 7th Birthday

Grace turned 7 back in April and I feel like her whole birthday and celebrations went by in such a haze. We were super busy for 2-3 weeks surrounding her birthday and traveling a ton so it was definitely not our most routine of birthdays.

Her actual birthday happened on the day we drove back from visiting my family in Charlotte, NC. Our family had a cake and presents the night before for her and we also let her choose our road trip lunch spot on the drive home on her birthday.

We saved her presents for the next couple of days, since we were right back into work and school and things were hectic (actually, I just figured out I didn't give her this puzzle I had gotten for her. It just seemed like too much stuff! Oh well, I will save it for a bored summer day.)

Then I realized we never really planned a party or activity. We started Grace on a rotation with this birthday, odd numbers are just a special event with family, even numbers will be a party. She didn't really understand it though and had thought she would be taking a friend or two (or five) to a special event. She was desperately disappointed so I scrambled to come up with a few special play dates.

I originally wanted one play date with three friends but it was rather last minute and no one could get together on the same day.

First, we took her best buddy from school, William, to dinner and open gym at the local gymnastics place.

The next day we had a play date with some sweet friends of hers and Sophia's. We had dinner and brought cupcakes that Grace had made from a cupcake cookbook she has.

And on the third day, we picked up Grace's good friend, Lily, and took the girls roller skating! They had such a good time and I was really impressed with how fast Sophia, who is usually my most hesitant, picked it up.

The playdates helped smooth things over but I definitely will be planning things out a little better in the future!

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Emily Powell said...

My sister in law does the every other year party thing. I need to start that.