Saturday, December 1, 2018

Deck the Hall

Well, we did it.

We got our tree up and decorated.

And survived.

That's about the extent of it.

What should have been a joyful occasion ended up being an event that we just got through, because, hello.

Four kids, small house, pouring, freezing rain, and the couch.

Did I mention the couch? We have a pretty tight family room with an extra large couch and an extra large love seat. We had made a plan to move the love seat upstairs to our third floor master to make room during the holiday season.

Plans are meant to be broken, right?

Turns out the couch couldn't actually fit through the staircase so we made the split second decision to just get rid of the couch. Except it was pouring out so we couldn't actually take it out of the house. So the couch took up home in another part of the family room (the part where we are supposed to walk in.)
Ben's First Christmas Tree!

The kids were bickering.

The lights weren’t working.

Luke’s head banged into the ceiling when he was lifted up to put the angel on.

And I had forgotten to make a plan for dinner.


It definitely wasn’t picture perfect.

In the end though, the tree got put up and decorated,
The loose bulb was located and the lights began working,
Pizza was ordered for dinner,
The kids became happy campers,
And music eventually played on in the background.

We did have to make FOUR trips to Target to purchase one more strand of lights, as ours mysteriously didn't cover the whole tree this year. We may have purchased Bright White lights, outside lights, and then finally Warm White lights before figuring out what we actually did need.

It’s likely that the only evidence of it being a stressful, non perfect decorating time will be this post, as the kids have already forgotten and are talking about how much they love decorating time.

I’m glad that they won’t really remember the bad parts, and I’m glad that some years are more colorful than others as it definitely will make this year stand out and make me appreciate more peaceful years in the future.

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