Sunday, December 2, 2018

Pregnancy Update- Second Trimester

Trimester Two started off with a bang.

And by bang, I totally mean a roaring case of food poisoning.

I had been craving burgers for many weeks, specifically ones from an unnamed burger joint. Partly because I try not to give in to every craving and partly because the one I repeatedly tried to go to was under renovations, I was never able to fulfill this particular craving.

Ian was out of town and I navigated a doctors appointment with the kids in tow and the rewarded myself with a trip to said burger joint. I even have photographic evidence as I was so excited I ate my burger in the car and sent my mom a picture of it.

Six hours later I would regret that craving (and now, six months later, I still do.) I honestly have never been that kind of sick. It didn’t help that Ian was out of town and couldn’t return for 24 hours, or that neighbors, who are usually my backup, were somehow all out of town also.

I couldn’t even leave our third floor master to care for the kids. I think at some point I called down to grace and asked her to help the others get cereal. I think at some point I had them come up to me to get kisses. I must have gone to their rooms to tuck them in. (Right?!)

 I was so deliriously out of my mind. I can look back now and see that I was probably dangerously dehydrated. I had set a mental timer on when I would take myself into the hospital and I was actually able to keep down fluids before I reached that point.

And that, my friends, is how the second trimester started.

I didn’t lose my morning sickness until closer to 20 weeks.
I did find a new love for vitamin B and Unisom.

I didn't gain any weight (which was not my pattern for the other three.)
I did show earlier than before.

I didn't get a "second trimester burst of energy."
I did have pregnancy insomnia set in.

We did find out the gender of the baby....
We did not decide on a name until nearly 30 weeks pregnant.

The second trimester went out with a bang as well, I guess, as very near the end  I got a stomach virus that made life difficult for several days. I was very ready for baby to come and was thankful when pool season wrapped up shortly after the third trimester started as I was feeling very large!

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