Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Note to self:

Although the appeal of "free hot drink days" for employees sounds wonderful, it is probably not a good idea to serve us all espresso's at the same time. Talk about caffeine rush.

It is very strange to be told NOT to dance to the hokey pokey during children's story hour due to workman comp rules.

Also, not a good idea to feed your kids ice cream in a bookstore. Just for future reference.

It's been a weird morning.

And it just kept getting stranger and stranger. I walked outside of the store for my lunch break and there was a FIRE. Real life FIRE. A 6-8 ft tall electrical box was flaming! I just stood there and gaped until I noticed the firemen. They too were just standing there gaping.

Apparently I looked like a safety hazard and they ushered me to my car. Don't worry about the rolling shelves of books right there though. No, those couldn't catch on fire at all!

I wonder why they were just watching it. Seems like an unorthadox practice for people whose job it is to put out a fire.

Then, I drove three blocks down (our apartment is about 6 blocks away from my work,) and I saw a SWAT team swarm a car! Police running, lights flashing, guns and vests out. Honest to goodness. And it was in the Whataburger parking lot!

What is going on with this town?


Anonymous said...

Gainesville must be catching up to the rest of the country in terms of excitement...:o)

Marsha C said...

Well, school is back in session so let the games begin. It sounds like you have lots to talk about when you get home tonight. You well definately keep Ian entertained.

Angela said...

Oh yes, with school back in session, there should be lots of great excitement to witness!!! I'm looking forward to hearing more stories! xoxoxo