Monday, September 1, 2008

Lesson Learned:

When you are young and newly married, lay out clear laundry rules.

Here's Why:

I come home from work late Sunday night only to find a clean apartment. Hmmm I think to myself. I greet my husband than head to the kitchen for a late night dinner of Fruit Loops (because who choses the healthier almond cluster flakes?)

While in the kitchen, I ask my husband what he did all night. He replies "bought my text books, cleaned up the kitchen, had dinner, called john, did the laundry..." and continued on. However, I stopped listening and put down my bowl of fruity goodness and threw open the laundry room door.

Oh. My. Word.

Nothing, not ONE item was hanging up to dry. I check the washing machine. Nothing.

I check the dryer to confirm my suspicions that my well meaning husband dried ALL of our clothes (including my dresses and his work shirts,)


"Honey, where are the clothes?!"
"I folded them and put them away." he says from two rooms over.
"Oh, no."
"What?" he asks
"um. well. um." actually about to pull my hair out over dispair for my LOFT dresses and his JCrew shirts.

Suddenly he is at my side.

"Why are you in the laundry room?" He asks
"I, um, was just coming to see how you did the laundry."
A look of sheer terror comes over his face. Silence until he says
"Please, tell me. The baskets of laundry were already clean right? RIGHT?"

I am very confused at this point and I follow him as he marches into our bedroom, only to disolve into a fit of giggles as my bewildered albeit very cute husband watches in astonishment.

He had folded all of the dirty laundry. And put it away.


Don't worry, for all of you about to pass on marriage advice in form of comments, we got it under control.

Our new rule is that dirty clothes are kept in one place and clean in another.

I am still puzzled over this though. I asked Ian if he thought the clothes smelled or felt clean. He said no. I asked why he still folded them. He said he didn't know. LOL. Men.

At least I got a good one who actually doesn't mind folding laundry.

So I washed the clothes for him, and today, he folded CLEAN laundry.


Angela said...

LOL awwwwww! He tried and meant well!! I am just SO RELIEVED that he didn't wash and dry your dresses and his shirts!!! I
would THANK HIM for "only" folding that laundry!!LOL! A near miss that turned out for GOOD!! :) XOXOXOXO

Emily said...

Oh,Britt! Your post gave me the best laugh and I really needed it! Thanks! Do you know what a treasure you have? At least he thought to go near the laundry! Even if he had screwed it up- don't criticize, be thankful! I love Gus dearly, but he doesn't even know how to turn the washer or dryer on! He does fold nicely, though and since I really need all the extra help I can get- I'm always thankful! Gus is also better at ironing than I am! If you get too picky about how you do things and the way he does them, which will always be different... you might stop him from even attempting to be helpful...which would be the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot! The same is true for kids- let them attempt even if it isn't the way you would do it! Yeah, it may hurt a bit to lose a Loft dress or JCrew shirt, but those are things and can eventually be replaced...hurt feelings are way harder to fix. Now does that explain the condition of my kids' dresser drawers? At least they get the clean clothes in there! Zachary needs a little work like Ian...he always puts his dirty clothes in with the clean ones!LOL! It must be a guy thing!
Ian gives me hope that maybe someday, Zachary will be a sweet gentleman to his wife too! How we get him from beast to gentleman is truly in God's Hands!
The Vargas Clan sends lots of love!