Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Remember Norway?

Do you remember our Norweigan friend, Svein? Hop back to posts in mid to late July to read about when he just popped in for a little visit. He was a very amusing house guest, that's for sure.

About two weeks ago I heard that he was leaving friends in southern Illinois on bike. Not a motorcycle. A ten speed. A USED ten speed. And guess what he was planning to do.

Bike the Mississippi River. Just for kicks and giggles.

Oh. my. word.

Well, I just got word that our friend left Memphis...on his bike... for New Orleans late last week. RIGHT BEFORE Gustav! Please, use your imagination, of our blonde haired blue eyed friend riding his 10 speed down the Mississippi towards the hurricane. Of course, he isn't staying in hotels or anything so he has absolutely no idea what is going on. He probably is having a great time, pedaling away, using his new found "people watching," skills at the thousand of cars heading the opposite direction as him.

Poor soul.

Next on our list is to get a hold of him and let him know that northern Mexico is not the place for him to ride his bike. Drug wars and kidnapping running rampant as they are. *Sigh* He'd probably jsut think it was all part of the American experience.


Anonymous said...

Oh Svein. Dear, dear, dear sweet Svein.

Emily said...

Oh No!! Have you heard from him since the storm? I'll keep y'all in my prayers! It must be awsome to have such faith to go to a foreign land and bike it! Wow! Sorry I've been out of the loop! Crazy and difficult week here and I hope to update my blog eventually!
Love from the Vargas Clan