Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tuesday... a little belated.

I was just too tired to manage turning on the computer, uploading photos, and updating the blog yesterday. Here was yesterday's events in pictures:
Just another morning breakfast.. in front of some good ol Gilmore Girls. Wish my momma was here to sing the theme song with me!

After leveling the cake, these were the remaining pieces. Nibbled on them here and there.

There was definately a reason I took a picture of my cell phone, but not exactly sure why. I talked to some people today.. including the lovely Mrs. Emily and Zachary and Sophie!

The completed cake. Bulldog colors. Of course, then the cake stand top didn't fit over top of it because it would squish the red icing on the bottom. But not to fear, I got creative by flipping over a metal bowl that my grandma gave me for a lid.

Ian being helpful and getting our salads ready, because I insisted a little shredded cheese on tacos does not count as a vegetable.

Getting the tacos prepped. Notice a theme in the pictures? Sure does seem like a lot of our time is in food prep or consumption.

Yum. We sure do love our mexican food. Alot.
After dinner I got a pretty bad headache. Halfheartedly watched the biggest loser (it just doesn't have much umph this season,) and headed to bed. Leaving in my wake a mass of unfinished chores. For example the dishes....
And hanging up my clean laundry. I feel like I just dropped everything. Probably because I did!

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Emily said...

Aren't you just the picture example of domesticity?!! I love the picture blogs! I doubt I'll get that snazzy because it takes me forever to get a few pictures up in a timely manner! We loved hearing your voice today! We miss you and love you and can't wait for your visit!