Monday, November 3, 2008

99 Balloons

Isn't it funny how certain things catch your attention? Or how your heart is tender towards different people or stories?

I've always been all about children, but lately, it seems that God is bringing stories of babies and their families to my attention.

Today was no different.

Go HERE to see a beautiful video about Eliot, and the story his parents have to tell.

I don't think you'll need tissues. At leat, I thought it ended happily. Sort of.


Love is the Movement said...

I watched the video and I had just done my makeup to go to dinner and then I bawled and ruined it.
Thanks Brittney >.<

But it was a beautiful video.

Emily said...

Britt- you need a BOX of tissues to watch that!! What a beautiful story! Too bad, that in our world- Eliot would be seen as a choice and not a precious gift of life. Life is precious- no matter what the amount of time is that you get- 99 days or 99 years! The main thing is that God gives us life and it is all precious!

Kaylyn said...

is a lie...I needed lots of tissues! I saw this first a year ago and cried just as much then as I did now!! :)