Sunday, March 1, 2009

The House that Love Built

Dear home at Cracker Creek Court,

You are such a welcoming site,

with your Giant Oak trees in the front, (they started out smaller than I!)

And your back porch for lazy hazy crazy days of summer. Remember when mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa built me and Heather a play house out back? It used to sit right where that shed now sits.

Heather got the room with "the windowseat," and she thought she was hot stuff... Too bad the seat was only five inches wide!!! and here's a very washed out picture of my room. I got the "big room," because when we moved into it, I was still in the toy age, and needed lots of play room.

Our little bathroom. So clean and white. So many hours of preparation went down here. For proms, homecomings, first dates, proposal, an finally for my wedding!

Oh, the piano. Where hours and hours of practice went on. With your giant creepy pictures of Heather and I above it, this was not my favorite spot, but how I miss it now.

The living room, where we would place the Christmas tree each year, and where Brandy's (our dog) cage resided for most of the time.

The laundry room! This room had a LOT of work done it over the years, and turned out very nicely. I don't havee a lot to say about this room though.

Our kitchen with my cookin' Mama! Almost everything in that place was put in by my parents from scratch. (except for some of the cabinets!)

The living room, where (still) so many sports games, tv shows, movies, and conversations took place.

Our dining room, with Mom's beautiful antique table and awesome sunlight. I don't think I could count all of the special meals that we had here.

This house had it all, but, most importantly, it had:

My Sister,

My Momma,

And my Daddy.
This is the house that Love built.
Thank you dear, dear house, for your 14 years of loving care.
We will miss you!
(My parents just moved to Nashville, TN, for those of you who are wondering.)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful :) PS, I realize now that the whole "toy age" thing was such a con. I'm on to you Galloway...

Emily said...

What a sweet entry! I hope your parents' move went smoothly!! Gee- none of y'all are here now! Thank God Ian's folks are still here, or we'd never see ya! Here's a bribe- I have Caramel Delite cookies with your name on them!:) Never underestimate the power of God and the Girl Scout cookie!:)