Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On Hold, and a Little Random

The rest of the Europe Revisited posts will be coming later this week, I promise. For now, I present to you a little brain potpourri (a mish mash of my thoughts) :

Ian and Sam are watching "The Butterfly Effect."

The deranged minds in it made me ill. Seriously.

I had to walk out of the room, however. There is something about seeing the stark possibility of evil in humans that makes me literally sick to my stomach. I remember, as a child (okay, up until age 17 or so,) any lifetime movie depicting a wife beater would throw me inter a complete breakdown. I remember we were watching one with the actress from "Christy," and when her husband started beating her, I just had a meltdown, begging for it to be turned off and crying.

Even thinking about it, and the movie that I just saw a part of, makes me want to throw up. My problem is, that I keep thinking it's going to get better, that they are going to show the good redemption of people, so I don't leave, but, unfortunately, that's not how the real world is/the hollywood producers are.


Jessica and Katie came up for a visit yesterday, and it was absolutely, positively wonderful.
We went out to Moe's for a delicious 5 dollar burrito, then came back and played some Wii while our stomach settled/deflated before we got into our swim suits and lounged by the pool for almost 2 hours!

We came back and made dinner to eat with Ian and Sam, played some Settlers of Catan, the girls left for Orlando, and I fell asleep on the couch watching the boys play wii.

My handsome husband carried me to bed.


Tomorrow afternoon is Ian and my interview for a new job prospect, at 4. It's a three hour long interview/meeting and I am not too nervous-but I am somewhat! We also finally got into contact with the rep in the Middle East, who would be our direct supervisor. I think we have a skype meeting on Friday morning, which will be interesting.


What?!? You haven't tried Skype?



You need to.

It's free!

Ian and I used Skype for the year when he was overseas and I was here in the states. It's free ( which is why it's fabulous,) and you can see the person you are talking to! It's also really easy to set up! You set up a Skype account just like you would for an AIM account, and make sure you have a web cam and a headphone/mic set, and BAM, you're ready!

I recently conversed with my folks up in TN on it, and let me tell you, it was a hoot!


Tomorrow is my "laundry day," where I plan on ironing about 20 things. Yuck. I hate ironing (right Mrs. Emily!?!)

Friday is a beach day. Can you say "Praise the Lord, Hallelujah?" I can. and it common vocabulary around here come Spring time.

More on Spring Time later.

Saturday is my dear friend, Courtney's, bridal shower! Which begins the real wedding festivities before her May 9th wedding!


Alright. Is your mind confused yet? I hope not. Just a little Potpourri for ya.

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Emily said...

I have yet to find a way to even remotely enjoy ironing! It drives me nuts! I totally admit to giving up and taking it to the cleaners because I'm really bad at it! Love the random post- sometimes that's just how the brain works- random! Love ya!