Friday, May 8, 2009

Perked Up

I had a sweet time with an old friend last night. I think I have blogged about her before. My friend Kelly and I go back to the beginning of high school. She was my swimming buddy, during those awkward, hard to fit in, years.

We met up at a local town center for some coffee (umm, java chip frappaccino for this chocoholic, thank you very much.)

We reflected back on how much we LOVE swimming, and both wished we could get back into it.

We also reflected on how much we HATED morning practices. Who wants to get up at 4:45 before high school to swim? Not I!

I love meeting for coffee with friends. It's not as invasive as eating with friends (when you mouth is full and you are just plain hungry,) and I feel like it's more relaxed!

I'm supposed to have coffee with my college friend, Olyvia (Cascading Thoughts,) today!

Yay for more time reconnecting with friends!


Callie said...

I second that! I love meeting friends for coffee. *smile*

Marsha C said...

Coffee, YUM! Morning swim practice, YUCK!