Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blogging Book Goal- Book #28

I kind of happened across this book, instead of really choosing it. Our church here in TN was having a going away party for their youth intern and we were asked to come and do a sort of meet and great (since we were new.)

Turns out the youth intern's parents work at a radio station and gave him a box of stuff to get rid of. Brand new stuff.

So, I picked up this book, and about 3 CD's, and since I was going through a non fiction kick, I decided to give it a try!

Glory Revealed
by David Nasser

I had just finished reading "Crazy Love," and so I decided that this book would be much like it.

It wasn't.

Where Crazy Love is inspirational and motivational, Glory Revealed is much more informational and personal.

Discussing in 20 different chapters the ways that God reveals Himself through situations with reflection questions and pages for journaling your thoughts, it is set up much more like a devotional.

It really was good to read, though I read it like a book instead of a study, and I came away with a fresh perspective on all of the different ways that God uses our positive and negative situations to bring Glory to Him.

Packed with Scripture, this book is for anyone wanting a deeper look into this area, that is well researched and well written!


katie said...

This one has sparked my interest. I really like some of the songs on the Glory Revealed II cd that I hear on the radio. And I particularly like books that have spots for journaling! Thanks for the tip.

Oh, and I like this word informational too.

Elizabeth said...

You are moving right along! thanks for sharing! I am reading Crazy Love now! :-)

Callie said...

Sounds good, once again! I like reading your reviews. *smile*