Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4 Weeks...

Today Officially marks the four week point until we can get on a plane and GO!

And I'm sure that I've been doing this countdown for about 16 weeks already, but I am just so excited to get on to the plane that will take us on the journey we've been thinking about for so long.

This has been a really long process but we are so blessed to be doing exactly what God wants us to do in exactly the right place.

When we land in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in a little over four weeks, we'll stay with our boss for a night or two while they give us our orientation, then we'll drive a little over two hours to our new home!

We'll be studying Arabic for two whole years. But that's two years I want to cherish every moment of. We'll be working on becoming fluent in Arabic and we'll be surrounding ourselves with the culture of the Middle East, diving head first into learning the "how's," and "why's" of cultural expectations.

But before any of that can take place.... I have to get through these next four weeks!

I've started an extensive list of what needs to be done/seen/completed/bought before we step foot in that airport. I'll revisit this list in two weeks and then right before we leave. So for your reading pleasure:

Brittney's "Can't Wait to Get on that Plane," To Do List Extravaganza 2010

Things to see and do in Canada:

Victoria Island

Ride Bikes around Stanley Park

Kayak in cove

Ride to UBC and see the Pacific

Grouse Mountain and the Grouse Grind

Celebration of Light- Fireworks competition

Bard on the Beach

Whale Watching

Things To Do:

Finish book 5, 6, and 7 of the Anne of Green Gables Series

See Inception- Everyone is raving about it!

Finish Lesson One on Rosetta Stone

Read Radical

Listen to 100 hours of Arabic

Finish Crocheting scarf-give as gift

Read 3 books for Seminary and write papers on each

Video Chat (Skype) with as many family members and friends as possible

Mani/Pedi/Hair Cut

Things to Buy:

Me- Khaki Pants, Black Flats, Clinique Products, Enough Mousse to get me through a month, and 2 Bible Studies, Photoshop.

Ian- Flip Flops, Sunglasses, Wallet, Microsoft Office (for his new computer,) Khaki Shorts, and Khaki Pants

That's all! Hopefully I can get it all accomplished amongst good byes and other work things!


Lauren said...

Wow girl! You better get going, but enjoy every minute of it!

Brittany said...

4 weeks?! The time is FLYING BY!!!

How exciting! You have a long list, but I am sure you'll get it all done in no time! YOU CAN DO IT!! :))

I bet you're thrilled!

Unknown said...

You have a busy 4 weeks but I have faith you'll get it all accomplished.

I went and saw Inception - the special effects were awesome!

Callie said...

Great list! I can't believe you're leaving in four weeks! Will you be able to blog from over there? (I'm so selfish - I'm just worried about never hearing from you again, and here you are going over there to serve the Lord! Forgive my foolishness.)

The Taffs said...

Four weeks doesn't seem like that long! I have 5 weeks left to wait for Baby Eli...we'll can't down together!

Alison said...

So excited for ya'll!!! Can't believe that you only have 4 more weeks! And you have got a lot to do to keep you busy! :) Love following your blog!

Anonymous said...

You have lots to do but what an exciting opportunity!! Definitely make the most of everything you learn!!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

LOVE your lists :) I am such a list-girl too!! 4 Weeks WOW! I have a friend who was just studying abroad in Jordan. She is almost all the way fluent in Arabic. It would be cool if you could connect with her -- Simone Bak (facebook her)?? I will mention I told you about her :)

Amanda said...

hi brittney! your blog is so cute! it sounds like you have a lot of awesome things ahead of you. i'm excited to hear more about your trip!