Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Nagging works!

I kid, I kid....

But, after telling my sweet husband that he should replace his 5 year old laptop with a new one before we moved overseas, and then begging him to, for my sanity, he finally caved.

Only after 20 hours of research into hard drives and processor speeds. He found it very intellectually stimulating for the entire weekend.


And last night, he finally ordered himself a new HP laptop, to be delivered to my folks in TN and then shipped to us in Canada!

(apparently the Canada HP didn't have the one he wanted.)

And for all of you Mac lovers who suggested I join your team....I'm sorry, we just couldn't do it.

I honestly don't like Mac's, and not because of the age old Mac vs PC debate, but because of the interfacing of the the Macs (I loathe it.)

Ian and I both said that if we had a reason to use a Mac (ie we were graphic designers or music composers,) we would snatch one up in a hurry, but for general computing purposes, Mac's just don't make sense to us. Especially since you pay SO much more for a Mac and they usually only last 1 year longer, if that.

So, in the end, I'm one happy woman. We have a new computer on the way and we will then be a two working laptop family!



Brittany said...

hip hip hooray! You'll get your table back!

Jessica said...

Yay!! I am totally with you on the Mac thing, by the way.

Sarah Ann said...

Yay for your new computer! However, I do LOVE my Mac. I am a true Apple follower. I'm still excited for you, though :)

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Sweet! I loooove getting new laptops! Although hopefully my next one will be a Mac. ;)