Monday, December 27, 2010

Recap 2010- April

April was a very top heavy (or, I guess, front heavy,) month for us.

My sister's wedding festivities were in the first week,

with her wedding rehearsal on the 3rd:
Rehearsal dinner later that night:
And wedding on the 4th! My sister made a beautiful bride and we were so excited to welcome our new brother, Ryan, into the family!
Just three days later, Ian and I said goodbye to my parents and got on a plane headed for Vancouver, Canada!
We arrived in our new home wet, cold, and tired, falling asleep while we waited for our "lost," luggage to be delivered. 24 hours later, we were unpacked and settled in (after all, we really didn't have that much to unpack, ha!)
The rest of the month was spent hanging out with some friends and their families:
Learning more about the cultures that were in Vancouver, including a variety of new foods,

and exploring the city itself and all the beauty it had to offer.
I also really got into photography this month. Exploring new places and being around really adorable kids helped me to learn alot this month!


Amanda said...

your hair looked so pretty in that pic with your family! :)

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing you with straight and curly hair. Your curly (natural, I'm guessing?) is gorgeous. I too, have the natural curl. It can be a pain, but it's nice to be able to have differnt ways to style your hair.

Looks like you had a great year with family and friends. Hope 2011 starts with a bang!