Thursday, June 16, 2011

Date Night

On Tuesday, our anniversary, Ian and I went out on our first date, post Grace being born!

I know, I know. 10 weeks is a long time not to have a date night. It's not because we didn't want to, and it's not because we don't have friends ready and willing to stay with her, but since a date night for us means crossing an international border, we have to have a little extra cash in order to do something like that.

SO, Tuesday, our friend Alison came and watched Grace. I only had one bottle of pumped milk, as I was at school all day and couldn't pump much to get a 2nd bottle. I was a little nervous that Grace was going to be screaming mad for her 10 pm feeding if we didn't get back in time!
Ian and I headed off by 5 pm, but the line at the border was so long that we didn't get to the mall until 6:30! Frustrating since the mall is probably only 10 miles away, but since we have to cross the border, it takes longer!

We stopped by the movie theater to go ahead and buy our movie tickets. The theaters work a little differently here. Movies are only out for a short amount of time, so that they can cycle through to something new. So, if you don't get to the theaters for the 7-10 days a movie is showing, you are out of luck! Plus, there are usually only 4 or 5 showings in a day. Well, the showing for the new X-Men was at 6:45, so we went to the counter, picked out our seats (they have assigned seating here!) Ian dashed off to find an ATM so we could purchase our tickets, and then we bought snacks to hold us over.

Afterall, our plan HAD been to eat dinner and then watch a movie, but there was only one more showing at 9:45 and that would be too late, so we adjusted our plan.
We really enjoyed the movie and I loved eating my peanut M&Ms and snacking on the nachos that Ian got. We had some annoying teenagers in front of us who were practically yelling through the first 10 minutes, so Ian had to pull the "adult card," and say "Hey guys, other people paid to see the movie too."

He got a "sorry sir!" And if that doesn't make you feel old, I don't know what will!

I guess teenagers can be disrespectful and loud in any culture, huh?

(on a side note, if you know any teenagers, or are raising your own child- PLEASE teach them the proper decorum for theater going.)

We had a nice walk across the mall to this beautiful Indian restaurant. It was very authentic, no "butter chicken," here! But I did my best to read between the lines and found a chicken dish in a tomato cream sauce and thought that sounded like my beloved butter chicken, and it was!

We exchanged gifts. Kind of. As in, I forgot my card for Ian at home and had written his gift in there. I tried to be all clever, since it was our 4rd anniversary, which means your "Leather" anniversary and had promised Ian to get a new baseball (leather) glove and ball the next time we were in the big city.

Ian got me a beautiful gold necklace that had my name in Arabic script. He had given me a white gold one over 4 years ago, but I lost it in a Target while trying on necklaces in 2009 (boo.)

We headed home and had a good time chatting in the car and listening to some of our favorite music, Jack Johnson and The Postal Service!
And because every post needs some of Grace's cuteness, here is a picture Alison snapped of Grace while we were gone!


Emily said...

So glad you guys are able to have date nights and have people you trust with Grace. She is so cute!! :)

Cara said...

"Because every post needs some of Grace's cuteness" ha ha - that's adorable. So glad y'all got to get out and have a date night - yay! :D

Lyndsey said...

10 weeks isn't so bad! If we didn't have family so close, I honestly don't know if we would ever get out! Glad all went well on your first date night (well except the traffic part) =)

Lauren said...

Yeah for a date night! And seriously, I wish they had assigned seats at the movie theater here in the states!

Amanda said...

glad you guys got a date night! i guess teens are the same all over the world! and grace looks adorable as always!!! :)

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Aww, I love date nights! Glad everything worked out for you two to have an evening away.

My hubby has had a few if those "adult" moments in the theater! LOL But I'm usually just glad he's there so *I* don't have to do it! :)

The Barker's said...

Hope Grace did well! It's so nice you got a date night! Our first night out away was to target haha We hope to have an official one soon!!! Love the pictures!!!

The Taffs said...

Hope you had a happy anniversary...and Grace's little legs are looking so long! Amazing how quickly they grow up!

Alison said...

So fun!!! So glad that ya'll got to have a date night to celebrate your anniversary!

Emily said...

Now we've come full date night sitter now has date nights of her own! I feel very old about that! So happy that you and Ian got to celebrate your anniversary! Love from the Vargas Clan!

Anna said...

That sounds like such a fun albeit a little complicated date night! Glad you were able to enjoy some time away with your hubby!

Christi said...

sounds like a great date night ... sometimes the best ones are those that are planned and the plans go out the window. happy anniversary!

Fash Boulevard said...

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