Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Second Time Around

First of all, thank you to everyone for your Congratulations and words of encouragement in regards to my pregnancy announcement! I couldn't wait to 'go public' with our announcement but I wanted to wait until the second trimester and then it took awhile to get the word out to our friends and family!

So here's the story on Baby Galloway #2....

Around the time Grace turned four months old, I started missing being pregnant and having a newborn. Ian and I were realistic though, for our situation, and decided to wait until the timeline would line up so that the baby wouldn't be born until after we were done with language school and moved to Abu Dhabi. My cycle hadn't even started back so I was content to enjoy this season of our lives.

When Grace was eight months old, my cycle was normal, I was almost done nursing, and we were ready to start trying. Keeping in mind that it took nearly 13 months of trying (with a couple of months off in the middle,) in order to conceive Grace, we began what we thought would be at least a six month process.

My parents visited at the end of that first month, and on the last day of their visit, I realized I was "late," but only by 2 or 3 days. Ian ran out to the pharmacy and bought two tests and we went to sleep in our hotel thinking that my cycle would start that night and we wouldn't need the tests.

The next morning, February 1st, I woke up and slipped into the hotel bathroom. My mind flashed back to the dozen tests I had taken with Grace, the stress, and the months of disappointment at negative results. I didn't think anything of that morning. I took the test and before I could sit it on the counter next to me, my eyes glanced at the positive result.

I sat there for a minute...shocked. Then I wandered out into our hotel room with a goofy grin on my face. Ian and Grace were snuggling in bed and Grace was doing something cute. Ian looked up, thinking my smile was for Grace, and began telling me what she was doing. I went back and forth between the bathroom and our bedroom in shock, trying to find the words to tell Ian. Finally I slipped into bed beside Ian and Grace and just told him, "Well, we're pregnant!"

Ian wasn't surprised at all (how, I have no idea!) but I was! We spent the morning with my parents at our favorite mall, had lunch at Chili's, and tried to find the perfect moment to tell them. The trouble was, my mom was having stomach issues and kept having to run off to the bathroom, right as I was about to announce the big news! Finally, after doing some shopping for Ian in a Men's Express, we stood in the hallway of the mall deciding where to go next. Figuring this was as good a time as any, I told my parents that we had some news. "I'm pregnant!" They were overjoyed and beyond surprised! It was so special being able to tell them in person! We had told all of our friends and family over Skype with Grace, so this was such a great opportunity and was totally in God's timing!

A week or so later we told Ian's parents on skype. They weren't surprised at all- they had a feeling about it (really? because someone should have let me in on this "feeling" thing, because I had no clue!) I was able to tell my sister and best friends over skype within the next month or so. I told my closest friend here, A, about it on my birthday, February 16th. I was sick with a stomach bug and was feeling just awful. I told her how I wasn't feeling good and she asked if I could be pregnant. Not wanting to lie, I told it "it's possible!" She wanted to immediately go buy a test but I told her that wasn't necessary, because I was pregnant! Her response was alot of hugs, smiles, and yelling "Shut Up!"

I'm fifteen week pregnant now and feeling good! The first trimester was much more difficult than in my pregnancy with Grace. I was nauseous all of the time, had heartburn, and was so exhausted! I didn't have any morning sickness with Grace, but this baby is very different! I found myself craving everything I could not get over here....bacon, bar-b-que, girl scout cookies, dirt cake, and salsa. I even cried over cookies once, when our friends had shared some thin mints with us, because all I wanted to do was eat the entire package! haha.

My doctor was SHOCKED when I walked through the doors to see him at 12 weeks. He had seen on his schedule that I had an appointment, but just figured that I was sick. He had just gotten my file open on his desk when I walked into the room and he turned to look at me with saucer eyes and an open mouth.

I know, I know. My baby wasn't even a year old and I was there for my THREE MONTH appointment. Walking the halls of the hospital was a surreal feeling- I mean, I was just there a year earlier doing the same things for Grace! 

I'm much more relaxed about this pregnancy and have realistic expectations about what I can accomplish. I'll be happy if I am able to get a belly shot and short update once a month. I am not reading the pregnancy books religiously and I'm not worrying about every little bump or strange feeling.

Grace has no idea. And she probably will barely notice a difference when the new baby comes, as she will barely be 18 months old. I'm sure her life will look different, but luckily, with them being so close together, our prayer is that they will be able to be each other's buddy.

We'll find out the gender the last week of May (I don't like this kind of surprise! Why not find out?!) but will probably be going with a gender neutral nursery, so that we can use it again. We'll have to have a second crib as I don't want Grace out of her crib at only 18 months. I already have a color palette and theme picked out and I can't wait to see my thoughts become a reality! We'll decide on a name after we find out the gender, because, honestly, we don't like wasting the energy on agreeing on two names when we only need one!

We're so excited about this little one and can't wait to meet him/her in early October!


Tami said...

I loved reading the story about baby Galloway number 2! I am still so excited for you (and I have to admit that seeing someone with a baby close to E's age that is pregnant gives me major baby fever!) :) Congrats again girl!

Callie said...

I loved reading this! What a blessing to not have to try long for the second baby! I started getting the baby itch too around the same time (when Wyatt was a few months old) but we're having trouble again this time, so you could pray for me.

Congratulations again Brittney, I'm so excited for you!

Rachel and John said...

I read your other post on my phone and I didn't get a chance to comment. CONGRATS! So happy for you!!

Unknown said...

AHHHHH!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! They say if your pregnancies feel completely different you tend to be carrying the oppsite sex. Maybe you have a little boy on the way....

Congratulations you three!!!

Courtney said...

I am so glad you got to share it with your parents in person! Man, you are such a good secret keeper!
Felicidades otra vez!

Lauren said...

how exciting! what a perfect example of God's timing!

Natalie said...

Ok, some how I missed the news!!! Congratulations! I am so happy for you! What a blessing that you did not have to try for so long this time around. I am praying it will be the same for us once that time comes :)

Jessica said...

Such a blessing! Congratulations!!

Emily Powell said...

ha! I totally should have read to the bottom of your previous post...I guess Georgia distracted me. Not sure how I missed it! This is so exciting! I guess it is God's timing for sure that you got pregnant so quickly after difficulty with Grace. Congrats to you (although if mine were this close together I would cry! Haha!) My middle brother and I are 18 months apart (unplanned) and my mom said she cried and cried when she found out I was thanks a lot mom! With us being so close in age we were either each other's best friend or worst enemy depending on the day.

I JUST told a friend the other day that I would soon start to see baby #2 announcements. You're the 2nd so far!

Glad you're feeling better. That is my main worry...feeling bad while keeping up with Georgia! Was it hard the first trimester, caring for Grace and feeling sick?

Sorry, this is a excited for you!

Hannah said...

congratulations! SO happy for you guys! Sorry you have been more sick with this baby. that part I know isn't fun. Lydia and our second (Kesid) will be 18 months apart. (Which is like in a month...AHH)

Congrats again!

Mrs. Mama said...

what a great story! i cant wait to follow this journey with you!

Kayla Rae said...

Brittany! I am so happy for you! I am so behind on my blogs and so happy I checked this today! You are making me want another one haha.

katie said...

Yay!!! I don't know how I missed this post! I was out of town and off the internet for quite a while so I saw your 16 week post before I scrolled back and found this one!

So excited for you all! And LOVE that you were able to tell your parents in person. Such sweet and perfect timing.

The Taffs said...

I just came back to read the story...congrats again! 18 months will be such a perfect age for Grace to be a big sister. Eli is 20 months now, and has become much more independent and it's such a fun age! Two little ones running around will be so much fun!