Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Grace and Ballet

We had the wonderful opportunity this term (semester,) to let Grace be a part of a ballet class. I had been wanting her to do this for over a year, because I knew she would just love it, but we live so far away from the city that the 45 minute drive just didn't seem worth it.

Then, Grace's little best friend, Maya, got signed up for a class just 20 minutes away so we jumped on the bandwagon too.

It was a very casual class, no dress code, no previous knowledge, and at only 30 minutes long it was right at her attention span.

Some weeks she was very focused and on point (ha, get it?) but some weeks she had her head in the clouds. I suppose that is what you would expect from a four year old. Either way, she LOVED it every week and danced her way around our house in between classes.

The last week of class we were allowed to sit in and watch. Sister was in a BAD mood. Or rather, she just didn't know how to act with me in the room. She just stared me down the entire time with a straight face and didn't do half of the moves. Same way she acted at her school performances last year. I'm not sure if it is some sort of stage fright or she doesn't know who is in charge (me or her teacher,) but either way we will have to have a chat about that in the future.



Alison H said...

Hey, at least she participated on the other days! She makes a super cute - and beautiful - ballerina! Way to go, Grace!

Unknown said...

I loved doing ballet when I was Grace's age. But, like her, I did not like my mum coming into watch. I don't know exactly why but I guess I just felt under scrutiny.