Monday, May 1, 2017


Spring is here and I am just so so glad.

It reminds me of how much I LOVE HEAT!

Don't get me wrong, it was fun to get to experience actual seasons this year. The Fall was really beautiful and the leaves were still "falling," all the way until Thanksgiving. The leaves were done and it wasn't actually cold until after Christmas.

Then January set in. It was amusing to get to bundle up, experience the (first and only,) snow, and be cold. When February came I was over it! And the cold stayed all the way through March. I was ready to be warm and be outside but, alas, that would not happen until well into April!

Now we are in it and I couldn't be more happy. The kids can play outside, the house smells less stuffy, and we don't have a pile of jackets waiting to be hung up constantly. We can garden, go for walks, and we have great plans for actually getting a grill soon!

The neighborhood pool doesn't open until Memorial Day so that is a bit of an annoyance but we have soccer games, nature walks, and bike rides to get us out in the sunshine until then.

The kids are loving it. They are getting to explore the outdoors (plants! caterpillars! dirt! rocks! pinecones!) and they talk non stop about all of things they want to play outside. The girls love running through the grass, arms thrown open, singing any and all Disney songs. Their current favorite is Moana and Beauty and the Beast.

Meanwhile, Luke can be found picking out his favorite stick, stepping carefully through the grass, talking about "bad guys coming," "volcanoes," and acting out "We're Going on A Bear Hunt."

Summer is still weeks away but I think we are getting a bit of a preview. The locals have told me that this is an unusually warm Spring and that it feels just like an Annapolis Summer! Either way, we will take it! 


Emily Powell said...

I love warm weather too but here in TX it gets HOT which is hard with young kids!

Callie said...

I love unusually warm springs! We were having one, except for the last week when it got cold and snowed twice. So that was a rude awakening, and kind of a bummer. :-/

Alison H said...

Glad ya'll made it through winter! I'm not sure we could handle it!