Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Heading Out

We are hitting the road today, for the wonderful area around Helen, Georgia!

Ian's Grandpa and his wife (aka Pop and Sylvia,) live in a gorgeous mountain retreat on the tippity top of a mountain about 15 minutes away from Helen, and we are driving out there today to spend some time with family!

This is just the first of MANY trips coming up. You can read about the rest of them HERE.

I am hoping to be able to try my first caramel apple. That's right, my first. I'm not really sure how I escaped that one, but I figure it is rather easily remedied!

Helen is also the place where I had my first funnel cake ever. So here, for your viewing pleasure, is me and one of my best friend's Jessica, at the place of the funnelly cake.

(picture circa summer of 2005, Senior Trip.)

(and yes, that is a sea shell choker. I thought it was cool.

Thought, as in past tense.)

Hopefully we'll also get to meet up with Ian's Aunt, Uncle, and 3 little cousins, who all live nearby on the grounds of a summer camp which they own and operate. How cool is that?

Then, on Friday, as long as he doesn't back out, our dear friend Sam will be driving up to come hang out with his favorite Galloway's. We will go to a corn maze, go hiking, carve pumpkins, watch the Florida/Georgia game, and eat plenty of great southern cooking courtesy of Ian's grandma, Sylvia.

I keep trying to convince him it will be tons of fun, but I'm not sure if he's buying it.

(pictures circa early summer 2008, Sam helping us move our stuff into the apartment pre wedding. I'm pretty sure he thought I was crazy, seeing as I almost cried when I stood in my gigantic closets!)

Then we'll head back to Nashville on either Sunday or Monday for a week of school work and packing (again,) before we head off to our next trip....Louisiana!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Ian and I are now ringless....

No, we didn't sell them at a pawn shop.

Although I did try to tell my mom that, (as a joke, you see,) but she didn't think it was very funny.

Apparently I need to work on the timing of my humor. We are, after all, jobless, and have just sold one of our cars.

Sorry, mom.

No, instead, Ian and I went to our jewelers and sent our rings in to be replated. They are white gold, so they can be re dipped and look as good as new, sans scratches, dullness, and discoloration. We have a great warantee/service package so this didn't cost us a dime.

In one to two weeks, we'll have our rings back.

But for now, we are ringless.

And it feels weird.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blogging Book Goal- Book #29-36

I'm a little ashamed of myself.

But only a little.

I read eight books this past week. That's right. Eight.

I was really looking for a good fiction fix, but since all most of our books are still in our storage unit and we can't just go our and buy enough to keep up with my veracious literary appetite.

So, I looked onto my parent's book shelf, and lo and behold, what do I see?

The entire Little House on the Prairie books (sans Little House in the Big Woods.)

Oh my joy.

(by Laura Ingalls Wilder.)

I had actually only read two of the books before, Little House on the Prairie and On the Banks of Plum Creek. And I had read those over and over again.

And over, and over.

And then I assigned my fifth graders to read them!

And I read them again.

Somehow, I had never read the rest of the books however, so I buckeled down and read them!

Little House on The Prairie

Farmer Boy

On the Banks of Plum Creek

By the Shores of Silver Lake

The Long Winter

Little Town on the Prairie

These Happy Golden Years

The First Four Years

Let me try to briefly review these eight books. First of all, remember that these are classified as children's books and are easily read by most 4th-6th graders. So my undertaking wasn't really one to be aplauded, trust me.

Secondly, if I had to chose just one word to describe all of the books it would be.....Charming. These books are just delicious, and you will surely be charmed from the very beginning to the last few words of the series.

The premise of the books, which can be classified as autobiographical instead of historical fiction, since they are based off of Laura's real travels and stories as a child, is about the Ingalls family during their pioneer trek from Wisconsin, to the Kansas Territory, to Minnesota, and finally to the Dakota territories, where they finally settle and Laura and her sisters continue to grow up.

The stories keep you on the edge of your seat and sometimes it is hard to believe that all of these events actually happened to one family!

I would highly recommend these books to anyone who was looking for an interesting, historical read!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Great Day

I had just the greatest day today!

It actually didn't start out so wonderful, now that I am thinking about it.

I woke with a pounding headache, that left me crying in bed at the sound of my hubby, you know, making noise in the kitchen. Then I was nauseous. Then I crawled to the bathroom to shower and I started to feel better.

But, after that, it all got better!

I read a little, did my hair, put on a new outfit, and hubby and I headed out for lunch.

We got soup, salads, and breadsticks at the Garden of Olives. It was wonderful.

We people watched and played the "Guess their Nationality," game.

Then we headed out to a new favorite place of ours.... The Book Attic. It's a used book store in Hendersonville, TN, and is one of the best stocked, well kept, used book stores I have been in!

I got a stack of about 8 books that I was wanting, then had to whittle it down.

I tossed one, because it was "dirty," within the first five lines.

I put back two because they are classics, and I could really find them whenever.

And I put one more back because it wasn't that great of a deal.

I ended up getting the first three books in "The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency," and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (for the November/December Bound to Books book club!) They all were in excellent (like new,) condition, and A Christmas Carol was even hardbound!

Then Ian took me to Krispy Kreme, because I have been craving them like none other!

It ended up being a little bit of a sugar overload (I only ate 1 and a half!) but since I don't eat sugar like that hardly ever, I got a little bit sick to my stomach.

Then we came back home, read for a little bit, watched last night's Grey's Anatomy (it was good!) and I passed out in a late afternoon nap.

My parents picked up pizza from a local place that we love, then we spent the evening playing Sequence together.


And now I have gotten caught up on most of my blog reading and am going to settle down to read my first book!

That or watch the latest Netflix movie. Let's see what hubby wants to do!

What a wonderful day.

Did anyone else have a good day?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Little Bit About Me!

Heather, over at a Step Inside, has this great little meme to do, and since I seem to be at a loss for words, I thought I would let you know a little bit about myself!

1. What is your favorite thing to snack on while your blogging?
I actually don't eat while on the computer. It's not a rule or anything, but with me, the unofficial Crumb Queen (I know, quite a sad, pathetic title to actually have,) it is just to avoid eating while typing. If I had to have a plate of something within walking distance of my computer (haha,) it would have to be a plate full of chocolate chip cookies. Because they are my heaven.

2. What is one thing you wouldn't want to live without?
I know this won't come as a surprise, but it would have to be books. All books. I love reading and getting enjoyment from books. I love acquiring knowledge. And I love entertaining people, mainly my husband, with recounting the stories I have just read. Although, I don't think he has been too pleased with this week's reading choice...Little House on the Prairie!

3. Beach, Mountains, or Farm? Where would you live if you had a choice?
I, um, haven't ever seen a farm. Is that strange? I mean, I have seen farms, but never stayed on one, so I'm not sure if I would actually like it. I am a beach girl, through and through. I love everything about them. I even love the unpredictability of storms that may come. The only thing I'm not crazy about.....those insane sea snakes that I watched a documentary on at an imax when I was 7. *shudder*

4. What's your least favorite chore/household duty?
Vacuuming. I was so petite as a child that my older sister always got stuck with it, and I just dreaded the day when I would have to push that heavy thing. Sure enough, I find it just so bothersome! My in-laws have an awesome Oreck that is incredibly light and easy to handle, so I don't mind using that one as much!

5. Who do people say you remind them of?
Usually people think they have met me before, I think I have a pretty general face, so I do look like a lot of people. I have been told that I look like Drew Barrymore- I think it's my big ol eyes and my cheek structure.

6. Prefer parties and socializing or staying home with the fam?
I love going out and hanging out with my friends, but get really anxious when around people I don't know well. Even going to our church college group left me feeling nauseous and sick. So, I probably should just stay home, haha!

7. What's your all time favorite movie?
I don't really now! I watch a lot of movies and have about 10 or so that I could watch over and over. I am a big fan of "Return to Me." It's a very unique romantic comedy, and I bawl like a baby every time. Plus, you have to love the cute old Irish men in the film! And the monkey.

8. Do you sleep in your make-up or remove it like a good little girl every night?
I don't wear make-up very often. Probably just on Sundays, honestly. Or when, you know, company comes over. I have fairly smooth complexion and nice coloring so I don't look too scary without make-up. I wash it off though, when I do wear it!

9. Do you have a hidden talent or a deep desire to learn something that you've never had a chance to learn? What is it?
I really want to learn how to play the violin. Very badly. I can read music, played the piano for 12 years, and even took interest in the guitar (like, my parents bought me one for Christmas and I fiddled around with it, but without lessons, I just couldn't get anywhere.)

10. What's one strange thing you're really good at?
Tetris. I love it so much. I guess really any logic puzzle I can do really well at. Thank you Gifted Program for teaching me how to master things like that!

11. What first attracted you to your spouse?
This will probably sound weird, but, his humility. When he first came back into my life (10th grade,) he was very overweight. He put himself on the South Beach diet (as a 11th grader!) and by the end of the school year, he had lost close to 65 pounds! All of the girls were swooning over him and his cute dimples, and I just found it so attractive that he didn't know how handsome he was!

12. What is something you love to smell?
Clean laundry. My husband's cologne. My perfume.

13. Tell something about you that you know irritates people.
I'm really good at reading people. It's probably my biggest fault though. Call it being perceptive, or whatever you want, but it means that I am much quicker to pass judgement than I should. It does save me from alot of heartache however, because I know who to stay away from, friend wise.

14. When you have extra money, what's the first thing you think to do with it?
Coooooooooookies! I'd probably go buy a thing of cookies!

15. Are you a silent laugher or a loud laugher? What makes you laugh the hardest?
I'm a silent laugher. Mostly. I can get a few good chuckles out, and when I get really going, it becomes very high pitches- but that is few and far between. My sister makes me laugh the most I think. That, or, you know, me! I love to do things that make me laugh!

16. Where is your favorite place to shop?
Food - Publix. So delicious! Sweet tea, subs, chocolate chip cookies! (their bakery cakes are pretty swell as well!)

Clothes - Jcrew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft

17. What's one things you'd do more often if you had more time?
Pray, probably. I used to be a whisper pray-er, praying around the clock, but with the busyness of life, I have gotten out of the habit!

18. Are you a big spender or frugal?
I like to be able to spend when it meets my fancy, but since I don't feel the urge to spend as much as mos people, I am probably a good mix of the two.

19. Who is your favorite character of all time? (from a movie or a book, can't be real)

From a book, probably Catherine Morland from Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey. She has my super active imagination, and it tends to get her in trouble, just like me!

From a movie, I'd have to agree with Heather from Step Inside. Gracie Hart from Miss Congienality. She just cracks me up. I love how real she is, despite what everyone expects. She's tough, beautiful, and the nicest girl at the pageant!

20. Would you want to be famous?

I don't think I would chase after fame, but, if it was placed before me, I don't think I would turn it down. What an awesome opportunity to show the world what real Christians should look like, and to be a light for all of the world!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Shopping Results!

We finished our shopping trip last week. It was quite the adventure, let me tell you. First of all, I learned about how guys can really "fit," into anything, as long as it is their size.


For most women, a medium isn't just a medium. It is simply a category that they might fit into!

We started off our shopping with, by going to the outlets here in Nashville.

We went to GAP, where I got a purple and grey sweater, kind of like this one, but with a darker purple and about one inch stripes.
And a V-Neck Long sleeve tee, like this one, but in a great tangerine color!

The next day, we headed to an upscale mall in Nashville, where one of our first stops was my favorite....


Only, I didn't buy much from there, because I just couldn't bring myself to buy that 70 dollar hoodie that I wanted.

I did get this beautiful coral color, turtleneck tissue tee. Now I just need some sort of necklace to go with it!We meandered into the beautiful Banana Republic, where, of course, hubby found his favorite polos and flat fronted shorts for 10 dollars a piece (on sale.)

I was content with just looking for a perfect piece.

And then, I saw it. The heavens opened up and I {literally} picked these two pieces up and ran to the dressing room, leaving hubby with his purchased goods thinking "I thought we were done here!"
This Italian Merino Cardigan in Beige, is just perfect. Seriously. It has some great little details, and is the perfect weight for adding some layer underneath without too much bulk.
I'm watching for it to go on sale so I can get it in taupe {and navy blue, and cranberry!}
Pair that perfect taupe sweater with this GORGEOUS fuschia satin trimmed tee from Banana Republic. It is so classy and simple, but just pulls an outfit together.

Then we went to Express, where I picked up two washes of the Eva Fit, because they are literally the only jeans that fit me!

The next day went to DSW {aka heaven,} to get Ian a pair of black dress shoes.

I was supposed to be looking for boots. To be honest, I got so overwhelmed. I don't where *skinny* jeans so I wasn't sure what types of boots would go with the pants that I wear. I almost broke down into tears. Seriously.

But then I found he clearance aisle, and I found these beautiful shoes... They are "Rocket Dogs Memories Thai Silk Knotted Flats."

And they are seriously the most beautiful shoes. Color and all.

I also got a pair of black flats that are very similar to my old pair, but I could not find a picture of them.

Then, I ordered this jacket from Lands End, in a Heather Grey. It will be arriving in a day or two, so we'll see if it is fitted or not.

If I could get a few more pieces, I would definitely get this little black dress from Ann Taylor Loft. It is conservative enough for me to wear (probably not in the Middle East, but out and about on vacations at least.)

I'm still waiting to get these beautiful Chocolate Brown Uggs (the regular height ones.) I tried them on at Dillards (size 7,) and am just waiting until Ian gives me the okay to order them. We might wait until after Christmas (but to me that seems silly because my poor little toes will have frozen for 2 months!)

I also L-O-V-E this Jcrew textured Jersey tee. It fit absolutely perfect and was so soft, but couldn't bring myself to paying the 49.95 for it. So I'm stalking it online.

I also need to get a pants suit for our appointment/ordination coming up in a month, but we are waiting to see what happens financially first!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blogging Book Goal- Book #28

I kind of happened across this book, instead of really choosing it. Our church here in TN was having a going away party for their youth intern and we were asked to come and do a sort of meet and great (since we were new.)

Turns out the youth intern's parents work at a radio station and gave him a box of stuff to get rid of. Brand new stuff.

So, I picked up this book, and about 3 CD's, and since I was going through a non fiction kick, I decided to give it a try!

Glory Revealed
by David Nasser

I had just finished reading "Crazy Love," and so I decided that this book would be much like it.

It wasn't.

Where Crazy Love is inspirational and motivational, Glory Revealed is much more informational and personal.

Discussing in 20 different chapters the ways that God reveals Himself through situations with reflection questions and pages for journaling your thoughts, it is set up much more like a devotional.

It really was good to read, though I read it like a book instead of a study, and I came away with a fresh perspective on all of the different ways that God uses our positive and negative situations to bring Glory to Him.

Packed with Scripture, this book is for anyone wanting a deeper look into this area, that is well researched and well written!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Up and Coming

I've been pretty lousy at writing during these last two weeks, but, luckily for you {and me!} things are really about to pick up for Ian and I.

We've spent the past 5 months living with either his parents or mine, and pretty much just have our clothes and our computers with us.

Um, alright.

So all of that is not really going to change for a while still, haha.

But we will be on the move from here on out and won't be so stationary, so that will be exciting!

Next week, we will still be here in Nashville, while my parents head for the mountains with my aunt and uncle for a little vaca. We are house/dog sitting, so not much will be different.

The last week of October (can you believe we are halfway done with October? Crazyness.) we are heading to Ian's Pop's house, near Helen, GA, for some grandparent time. We plan on eating tons of good food (his grandmother is pretty much like Paula Deen,) hiking, exploring cute ol' Helen, pumpkin carving, and trying our hand at the giant corn maze one night!

It's alot like my amzingly awesome girl's weekend from last year, (which, I just realized I never posted about. Shame on me!) except this year all of the girls are grown ups and have school/internships/work. so. Yeah. Not a girls weekend, which was SO much fun last time. Plus, Rachel read the entire book of Twilight out loud to us. That's right. Out Loud. It was AWESOME. We all gasped at the same time, cracked up, and screamed in suspense. That's the only way to do such a ridiculously corny book like that.

Right. Moving on.

So we get back from GA, and have 4-5 days of down time, before hopping on a plane and flying down to Shreveport, LA, for our appointment weekend with The Company. I am so extremely excited about this part. We will find out all of the official details of our job such as insurance, pay roll, benefits, and will find out more about our 2 month training session in VA and our four month training session in Vancouver, Canada.

We fly back from that little shindig on the 11th, and hop in the car on the 12th and drive to Lynchburg, VA, for a 2 day visit with our friends, John and Onastazia, before driving down to Charlotte, NC, for Ian's cousin's wedding on a Saturday. We'll stay at his grandma's house that night, then drive down to FL on the 15th.

We'll get to spend about 2 weeks in FL with all of our family and friends (Yay!) and will start heading back to TN on the 29th, where we have a speaking engagement in Gainesville, FL. We will probably spend a night or two with our friend Sam, then continue on our way back to Nash-vegas, where we have another speaking engagement on December 6th.

Are you tired yet?

Then we will spend about 3-4 weeks in Tennessee, doing all of the Christmasy things with my family, and will head back down to Florida (more of a move than a visit this time,) for New Years and to get out storage unit ready for international shipping. We'll have about 3 weeks in Florida, before moving up to Richmond, VA!

I know that it sounds like too much to handle {and it might be!} but I am so excited to have something to wake up for, when for so long we have been rather aimless and directionless.

Just wanted to give you a heads up for all that is coming down the pipeline. Hopefully all of these events will make for some interesting blogging material!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shopping List

Since we finally have some money (due to the sale of my car,) combined with the fact that I haven't gone clothes shopping since January (I bought two pairs of jeans and a shirt,) Ian and I have decided we need a wardrobe revamp.

I called my sister, Heather, because she is the fashion guru of the family, and asked her for some advice. I needed a launching point of sorts, in order to know where to even start!

We have spent alot of time weeding through our wardrobe and donating clothes and shoes to charity. Now we each have about 20 things on hangers and two dresser drawers. And that's it! It's really opened my eyes to our country's over indulgence and need for "more."

We established that we were going for quality over quantity, mainly because we need to be able to fit all of our clothes/shoes/hygiene items in 6 suitcases, ha!

Heather sent me a little list to work off of, and I have been browsing and adding for a sort of "shopping inspiration list" in order to keep myself focused and on track!

Tim Gunn's "Top 10":

  1. The trench-ish coat (we decided a wool coat was more practical,)
  2. A sweat suit alternative (something to wear on weekends that doesn't look trashy)
  3. The boot, the pump, the ballet flat. (I will be getting Ugg's, per everyone's suggestion, and new pair of black flats, because mine are a mess!)
  4. The shapely jacket and the go-anywhere top (This sweater jacket from JCrew has sold out, but it is what I am searching for now!)
  5. Signature jewelry. I have this necklace that Ian gave me for our 1 year dating anniversary, that is a heart with my name in Arabic script, but I am thinking I might like a little something classier. I will be searching for something for our 2 year anniversary- when we have been on payroll for awhile!
  6. Good under clothing :) VS is best!
  7. Day dresses (I'm moving to the Middle East, so dresses are pretty much out. Think pretty conservative!)
  8. The little black dress
  9. A new, cheap, terribly trendy item - spend money on classics and 5 bucks on the latest necklace at F21
  10. Denim - 1 dress up and 1 every day (Got em'! Express' Eva jeans are the only jeans I have found that fit me right! We picked up 2 pairs yesterday.)

I'll let you know how our shopping goes!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blogging Book Goal- Book #27

Yes, this is another book review.

Sorry to all of ya'll who are not readers, but I made a resolution, and I am sticking to it!

I read The Lost Letters of Pergamum, by Bruce W. Longenecker for one of my post-grad classes, and I am so glad that I did!

Lost letters is a historical fiction, loosely based off of facts about the New Testament. This means that the author created a scenario and a character, who would be the vehicle of the narration of what occurred during New Testament time.

The main character is Antipas, an elitist living in the roman city of Pergamum. Idol worship and
emperor worship run rampant in this up and coming city. Through happenstance, Antipas begins exchanging letters with Luke, a disciple. The entire story is told through these letters that an archeologist discovers in the 20th century (fictional,) and discusses historical and theological matters pertaining to the Gospel of Luke.

It was an awesome read, and I have come away from it learning SO much. If I had a group wanting to do a study, I would read this book and read Luke, and discuss the two. It was a great way at looking at issues through a non believers eyes.

The book is well researched, and the author clearly states what points are absolutely fictitious and which points can be defended historically.

I've found that most book distributors carry this book online, so it should be easy to find!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blogging Book Goal- Book #26

I read "Servant on the Edge of History," by Sam James, for my 26th book.

It's memoirs from a man working for a faith based non profit (like us!) who was in Vietnam during the entire Vietnam war!

His stories tell of the amazing power of our God, and of James' love for the people of Vietnam. It brought up alot of issues that we will have to deal with one day, and I would recommend this to anyone interested in our career field.

I'm sorry I can't tell you too much more about it. It's hard to be discreet on this topic, so I decided to just leave it as it is in order to not put my blog at risk!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have been feeling really joyful these last couple of days.

Which is AWESOME because I really haven't been feeling joyful these last couple of months.

And since {Joy} isn't one of those "fake it until you make it" things, like Praise and Thankfulness, I am so grateful to be in this new place.

After all, we have all been down in those valleys where the mountaintop of {Joy} seems miles away.

I still claim James 1:2-3 as my life verse:

"Count it all Joy my brothers, when you face trials and temptations, for the testing of your faith develops Perseverance."

and 4 is pretty amazing as well

"Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."

and now, I can be Joyful as I think of all the lessons I have learned these last few months.

and trust me, I am.


I had a wonderful day today! Despite a bad thunderstorm rolling in and leaving me home alone without power for the afternoon, it really turned out to be great!

As soon as the power came back on and I could open the garage, I hopped in my hubby's car, and took off for St@rbucks!

I spent almost 4 hours reading, and people watching, and reading and drinking Pumpkin Spiced Latte! It was wonderful.

and then, on my 30 minute drive home (St@rbucks is FAR!) I listened to my favorite Christmas CD!


Speaking of CD's......

I just found out today that:

A.) Michael Buble's new CD comes out on Friday, October 9th! I wasn't even aware one was coming out, not to mention coming out this week! I am a huge fan of his music and have been to 2 concerts! I can't wait to take Ian to one during his next tour- they are always SO much fun!

B.) Chris Tomlin had a Christmas CD released today! I love me Christmas music, and I like to get ones that are "singable," which Tomlin's music totally is!

Anyone else a Michael Buble fan?

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Hiking We Will Go (And we did!)

I somehow forgot to mention that Ian and I went hiking last week!

Ian and I love hiking. Like, we could seriously become backpackers I think. In fact, our first date/when we figured out we were dating, was on a hike! And I really want to hike the Appalachian trail, in segments that is (over my lifetime.)

We have been talking about hiking for about a month now, but since Tennessee had a 2 week rainy period, we had to keep putting it on hold.

Finally, the heavens cleared up and we were able to venture out into the beautiful Tennessee hills/mountains for some hiking.

We headed about 40 minutes west of Nashville to a State Park, which was one of the best kept parks I have ever seen! There weren't a ton of trails, but Ian had researched one that was 7.2 miles so we headed there. It was set along a river, lake, and marsh area, and had several settlement foundations to explore (my fav!)

We had packed a picnic lunch and ended up venturing off the trail to the river bed and eating on a warm, flat rock. Then, we did the very mature thing....threw rocks into the water!

(I am not really good at skipping rocks, so it was just me hurling large rocks into the water to see a splash!)

We ended up missing our turn off for a 3 mile loop, so our hike was only 3-4 miles long. It was alright with me though, because that was the first day in 3 months that I had worn closed toe shoes and my feet were near blistering!

Oh yeah, we found a cemetery for a settler and his two children! A little odd, but that's alright!
PS: Hiking in the mountains is much harder than hiking in flat Florida!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blogging Book Goal- Book #25

I'm halfway through my goal of 50 books in 2009!

Yes, this means that at this rate I won't make it, but, I am hoping to read 2 books a week for the next 12 weeks and I will make it!

I read Crazy Love by Francis Chan!

I read it to be a part of Angie's and Jessica's Bloom book club.

But then, I realized I couldn't wait to read more, so I went ahead and just read the whole thing.

This book mainly discusses the "social justice," side of Christianity, encouraging us to love like Jesus did. Not just through words and peace, but through helping through giving.

Giving of our time, giving of our money, giving up our resources, and giving up more of our love.

It was such an easy read, and I came out of it really thinking over some issues. I will probably re read it in a year or so, because it is a book that challenges you in the place you are now, but will probably still challenge you as you improve through the years!

I highly recommend this book, especially if, well, you love people!

(which we all should, shouldn't we?)